As we wished to present unique concept of shirt design made by your measures Filo di Seta proudly presents its showroom in New Belgrade. We present you a bespoke concept of shirt design which is well known to the most demanding and sophisticated customers in the fashion and business world centers such as London, New York, Milan and Paris. Filo di Seta shirts are made from the premium refined and natural Italian textile. You can design your ideal shirt with our fashion expert advisers. You can choose and design various shirt elements such as collars, cuffs and other in accordance with your preferences.

Filo di Seta gives a possibility to its customers to purchase shirts of the highest quality and finest design which are tailor-made in accordance with the bespoke manufacture concept. In accordance with the bespoke concept the desired shirt is made by taking measures for each customer. Therefore, each shirt represents masterpiece design since it only perfectly fits to the person it is made for.
According to the statistics only 12.4 % of population has the measures used in textile industry. At last you have an opportunity not to make compromises regarding pattern and model choice since you you are given the chance to purchase a bespoke tailor-made shirt in accordance to your design and style.

What are bespoke shirts?

A bespoke represents detailed modeling, tailoring and sewing of every single shirt throughout several phases. Our manufacture pays equal attention to each phase in shirt manufacture in order to present a perfect final product. This is made possible by our team who has several decades of experience in shirt modeling, design and manufacture which is in the alignment with the highest standards.
Our belief is that details make and important elements of a shirt. Therefore, special attention is paid to this aspect. We invite you to visit our showroom and we will share small secrets so that your business or casual shirt looks perfect and unique.

Assortment of tailor- made products:

  • men’s shirt
  • women’s shirts
  • ties
  • bow ties
  • suit handkerchief


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The pleasure of our clients is of upmost importance for us and we would like to invite you to co-design your ideal shirt which will be in accordance with your needs and expectations. Make an appointment  in order to get full commitment of Filo di Seta fashion expert advisers via direct communication.


Zorana Đinđića 45d, lokal 18
Novi Beograd 11070


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Filo di Seta


Filo di Seta